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Plastics Level II Certificate Program

IAPD Member Price: $89

The Level Two Certificate test is a more advanced educational tool for continued learning. It expands on the materials learned in Level One by putting that information to practical use with applications from a variety of markets. It evaluates your ability to help your customer by providing customer service solutions. You will not always know all of the answers, but in order to be a successful distribution professional, you must know where to find them. This test gives you practice in doing just that.

Because the test's goal is to help you find answers, there is not a study guide. Candidates are encouraged to use IAPD's many resources, such as the IAPD Plastics Primer and Introduction to Plastics, as well as articles in The IAPD Magazine. Answers may also be found on various IAPD members' websites or by calling other IAPD members directly.

Level Two candidates must have also successfully passed the Level One Certificate test. You will have 60 days in which to take the Level Two test, which is significantly more advanced than Level One. Please plan accordingly. See ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS.

Price: 159.00