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Plastics are under attack and it is time that our members take the facts about plastics directly to legislators, regulators, key decision makers and government agencies and tell our story.

While the other plastics associations cover many segments of the overall plastics industry, only IAPD represents distribution. This makes IAPD’s participation vital to telling the overall story of plastics, as distribution is closest the end-use customer, but more importantly, whether your company is a large or small; distributor, fabricator, manufacturer or manufacturers’ representative — each branch or location represents a distinct business, which has an impact on a local economy.

An important issue in D.C. is job creation. Legislators want to create relationships with businesses in their respective districts. Each company, plant, location or branch, represents a small business. So whether you are a national, international or local company, each of your locations represents a distinct business. Legislators want your stories — you are job creators and also, depending on the markets you serve, you may be the very key to a particular legislator’s district.

Let’s get the facts straight and tell our amazing stories of plastics, our members, our industry and our association. We are plastics, we are IAPD and we have a voice. Let’s use it!





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