Guy Plastics has been created as a way to keep IAPD members informed about IAPD and industry news in a new and fun way.

We recognize that all of us get so many emails and Guy Plastics is a sure way to keep you up-to-date on important happenings within IAPD. We will continue to keep members informed via newsletters, emails and the magazine but hope Guy Plastics offers you a quick and entertaining way to hear the latest about what's going on at IAPD. Stay tuned for more from Guy Plastics!



Guy Plastics Facts

  • He never gets asked “paper or plastic”
  • He wishes it was the 60s, so people could call him “plastic”
  • His favorite movie is “The Graduate” (yes, the future is in plastics!)
  • His favorite childhood toy was LEGO, naturally
  • After hearing the “Leggo my Eggo” tagline the first time, he made a waffle out of LEGO
  • Any surgery he might have *is* plastic surgery
  • He only eats off plastic plates, with plastic cutlery
  • His housekeeper is a Rubber Maid
  • He always aced his chemistry classes
  • He was raised by two aunts, Polly and Esther
  • He has two dogs, PETE and POM … they have red bow ties, too