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The IAPD Magazine December 2013
Plastics and Mining
The IAPD Magazine November 2013
Plastics and Agricultural Applications
The IAPD Magazine October 2013
Plastics and Chemical Applications
King Plastic Corporation September 2013
Plastics and Security
The IAPD Magazine August 2013
Plastics and Automotive
The IAPD Magazine July 2013
Plastics and Recreation
The IAPD Magazine June 2013
Plastics and Signage
The IAPD Magazine May 2013
Plastics and Medical Applications
The IAPD Magazine April 2013
Plastics and the Environment
The IAPD Magazine March 2013
Manufacturing Plants
February 2013
Plastics in Architecture
The IAPD Magazine January 2013
Water and Waste Water Applications
December 2012
November 2012
Plastics in Architecture
October 2012
September 2012

August 2012
Transforming Public Art with HDPE

July 2012
Acetal in Food Processing Equipment
June 2012
Reaching the PEEK of Lightweight Aerospace Solutions
May 2012
Safe and smooth trucking with UHMW-PE

April 2012
Welding technologies used for thermoplastic sheet and pipe

March 2012
Acrylic fabrication beyond decorative

February 2012
Building sustainability into the fabrication process with PETG copolyester

The IAPD Magazine January 2012
The value of polycarbonate sheets
December 2011
Uses of UHMW-PE:
From the fields to the grain elevator
November 2011
Clear PVC — the clear advantage
The IAPD Magazine October 2011
PP piping systems solve corrosion problems in steel manufacturing plants

September 2011
UHMW-PE: the "ultra" material

August 2011
PEEK properties meet high performance requirements

July 2011
Focus: Thermoplastic composites for aerospace
June 2011
Focus: Polycarbonate for Safety and Security

May 2011
Focus: Cast Nylons

April 2011
Focus: Chemical Process Applications
March 2011
Focus: Critical Energy Industry Requirements
February 2011
Focus: Acrylic
January 2011
Nylon and Acetal: "Back to Basics"
December 2010
Focus: Medical

November 2010:
Focus: Plastics for Fluid Handling

October 2010
Focus: High-Performance Plastics
September 2010
Focus: Plastics Machining
Polygal August 2010
Focus: Polycarbonate
Kydex LLC July 2010
Focus: Pipe, Valves and Fittings
Polygal June 2010
Focus: Chemical and Corrosion Resistant Plastics
Kydex LLC May 2010
SCM Group April 2010
Focus: UHMW-PE
Kydex LLC March 2010
Focus: Fabrication
Polygal February 2010
Focus: Nylon and Acetal
Chemcast January 2010
Focus: Acrylic
Kydex LLC December 2009
Focus: Transportation
IAPD Charitable Foundation November 2009
Focus: Signs
The IAPD Magazine

October 2009
Focus: Safety and Security

September 2009
Focus: Recreation
Plastifab Industries, Inc.
August 2009
Focus: P-O-P Displays

July 2009
Focus: Natural Disasters

Westlake Plastics Company
June 2009
Focus: Medical
Plastomer Technologies
May 2009
Focus: Government and Military
Piedmont Plastics, Inc.
April 2009
Focus: Glazing
Polymer Industries
March 2009
Focus: Food Processing
Indelco Plastics Corporation February 2009
Focus: Construction
Co-Ex Corporation January 2009
Focus: Agriculture
ENSINGER December 2008
Focus: Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS)
Harvel Plastics, Inc. November 2008
Focus: Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC)
Eastman Chemical Company October 2008
Focus: PETG Copolyester
Polymer Industries
September 2008
Focus: HDPE
Westlake Plastics Company August 2008
Focus: PP
Palram Americas

July 2008
Focus: PVC

Parker Texloc June 2008
Focus: PTFE
R Tape May 2008
Focus: Polycarbonate
Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products April 2008
Focus: Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW PE)
GF Piping Systems March 2008
Focus: Plastic Pipe, Valves and Fittings
Nylatech, Inc. February 2008
Focus: Cast Nylon
Westlake Plastics Company January 2008
Focus: Acrylic