January 2011

Nylon and Acetal: "Back to Basics"

Nylon and acetal have a proven, successful performance record in a variety of diverse engineering applications, making these two materials the workhorses of the engineering plastics groups. More


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• Plastics in Automotive Wiper   Systems
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Plastics in Automotive Wiper Systems
Today’s wiper systems must be lightweight, strong and durable and able to withstand sunlight and the harsh substances they encounter in use.

In meeting such stringent requirements, automakers have increasingly turned to engineering thermoplastics to gain the design freedom, performance and reduced weight and cost they need in exterior and underhood wiper components. More

Technical Advisory
• Acetals are attacked by both strong acids and oxidizing agents. In addition, the homopolymer is not recommended for use in strong caustics.

Acetal copolymer is more resistant to hot water and hot air than the homopolymer.

• Because of the chemical make-up differences, it is not recommended that you substitute one type of acetal for another without discussing it with the customer.

Sustainability of Plastic: Did You Know…
• The raw materials that go into the production of plastics account for only 1.5 percent of total U.S. energy consumption. Plus, it often takes less energy to convert plastics from a raw material into a finished product than comparable products made of other materials.

• Over the lifetime of the average car, plastic parts save 650 gallons of gas as a result of their lighter weight.

• During their life cycle, plastic bags require about one-third less energy to make than paper bags.

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