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Financial Data Study


We need your participation. The IAPD Industry Research and Benchmarking Committee is conducting a Financial Benchmarking Survey for distributors and manufacturers, and your input is greatly needed. Not only is this information helpful in analyzing what our industry is doing, but your company will benefit from the valuable data produced from the survey responses.

NOTE: There is a separate survey of manufacturers and another for distributors.

It is important for you to know:

  1. The study is free and only available to participating distributors and manufacturers.
  2. Company data is kept confidential as we use a third-party CPA firm to collect the data (see below).
  3. This is a value-added membership benefit and IAPD covers 100 percent of the cost of the study and does not charge for the report.
  4. This is for distributors and about distributors. If we have an adequate number of participants, we can provide you with valuable information that is not available from any other source.
  5. See the open letters from Chip Whitfield, committee chair and President of Piedmont Plastics. It's his invitation to participate and provides details on the confidentiality and reporting procedures in place for this survey.
  6. Letter for Distributors
  7. Letter for Manufacturers


Complete the survey today.

Distributors Survey

Manufacturers Survey