August 2012

Defining Bioplastic Terminology
The Transformed Flower sculpture in Kansas City, MO, is made of CNC milled HDPE sheets and has 720 parts.

Bio is derived from “bios” which in Greek means life. The English language uses this prefix in numerous words such as biography, biology, biorhythm and biosphere. Numerous “bio” labels are becoming prevalent in the plastics industry, often causing confusion, especially to consumers. The purpose of this article is to demystify these terms. Learn more.


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Transforming Public Art with HDPE
HDPE Partitions Upgrade San Diego Pier
Have Fun with Plastics in Recreational Applications

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HDPE Partitions Upgrade San Diego Pier

HDPE was an integral part of the upgrades to the Port Pavilion in San Diego, CA, USA. Constructed in little less than 15 months, the two-story terminal can accommodate up to 2,600 cruise ship passengers while offering the amenities of the Port's first Leadership in Energy & Environment Design (LEED)-certified building. HDPE was selected for the project because it will never rust and can resist dents, scratches, graffiti, corrosion, mildew and moisture. It can be easily cleaned and will not delaminate.

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Technical Advisory

• Rigidity and tensile strength of HDPE resins are considerably higher than those of the low and medium density materials.

• Applications of HDPE range from film products to large, blow molded industrial containers.

• HDPE sheet is often extruded with a pebble finish and is used as a cutting board in a variety of industry markets as well as for home use.

• For more information, see Introduction to Plastics, the IAPD guide to plastic materials and applications.

Have Fun with Plastics in Recreational Applications

• Plastics are resistant to weather, ultra violet rays, fire, extreme temperatures and chemicals, making them an ideal material for many recreational applications.

• Plastics provide a variety of rolling resistances, load bearing capacities and hysteresis characteristics (for use in roller coaster designs).

• Plastics provide a good playing environment when used as rooflights in sports stadiums.

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