October 2012

Copolyester reaches new heights of style and design
A larger-than-life experience for shoppers has been created at the Crystals in City Center, Las Vegas.

For Stephen Stefanou, president and design director of Dallas-based Design Solutions, capturing this sense of holiday magic through dramatic art installations is a tradition. Well known for his work developing monumental seasonal displays, Stefanou used the Crystals™ high-end retail environment at CityCenter, Las Vegas, to unveil the Kinetic Twisters sculpture made possible with the help of Eastman Chemical Company. Learn more.


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Plastics meet a wide spectrum of high-performance requirements
The Benefits of Polyetherimide (PEI)
Plastics: Plastics are hip!

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Solvent bonding techniques for copolyester sheet

Copolyester materials are tough, chemical-resistant, versatile and, therefore, prove ideal for use in displays, signs, fixtures, point-of-purchase/industrial products and other sheet applications that demand complex, “life-like,” three-dimensional shapes.

These attributes are demonstrated through a variety of fabrication techniques, including solvent bonding, laser cutting, machining and thermoforming. Solvent bonding remains the most widely employed method to construct three-dimensional shapes from copolyester sheet.

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Technical Advisory: Polyesters

Polyesters, thermoplastic Thermoplastic polyester molding compounds are crystalline, high-molecular-weight polymers that have an excellent balance of properties and processing characteristics. Because they crystallize rapidly and flow readily, mold cycles are short.

Polyesters, thermoset
Polyester resins of the thermosetting type are low-molecular-weight alkyd resins that are cross-linked with a monomer in a reaction initiated by a catalyst. At room temperature, the solutions-mixtures of resin and a liquid monomer (usually styrene) are stable for months.

• For more information, see Introduction to Plastics, the IAPD guide to plastic materials and applications.

Plastics: Plastics Are Hip! (replacements ... knees & shoulders, too)

• Plastics are facilitating a new frontier of more types of outpatient treatments, less invasive procedures,
and longer lasting materials.

Plus, antimicrobial plastics cut down on infections. If you’re
looking for a healthier cost-effective alternative for medical materials, check out plastics!

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