CPMR Training: Manufacturer's Best Practices, Working with Reps

Good decisions do not, by themselves, yield great results. Going to market through independent manufacturers representatives is a good decision. But it is the relationship that will create great results. Relationships between principals and reps need attention. Attention to the big picture.

The Manufacturer’s Best Practices program from MRERF meets the needs of both top and middle management and sales/marketing personnel at the factory level. Its goal is to enhance understanding of how to select, manage, evaluate and profit from your Rep network.

Expanded to two full days, this course is led by Dr. Dan McQuiston, CSP, and factilitated by a leading manufacturer's representative. Between these two resources and the wisdom gathered in the room, you will leave with ideas and tools you can use with your rep network. If not, MRERF will refund your tuition. Register today.


Who attends?

  • CEO - How do reps enhance your bottom line?
  • CFO - Why are you writing commission checks?
  • RSM - What is your biggest challenge?
  • Sales support at factory - How to support the rep network?


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