Evonik Cyro donates $2,000 Of Acrylite® Abrasion Resistant sheets

Evonik Cyro has donated 12 Acrylite® Abrasion Resistant acrylic sheets, valued at more than $2,000, to the University of Massachusetts at Lowell (UMass) to help preserve the Plastics Hall of Fame exhibits in the new Emerging Technology building lobby. The display will honor major contributors and innovators in the plastics industry. The Acrylite Abrasion Resistant sheets will be used to protect approximately 44 plaques from harm and deterioration caused by daily public contact, dirt and dust.

“We are very grateful to Evonik Cyro for donating this product to better preserve and protect the photographs and biographies on the plaques,” said Robert Malloy, professor at UMass’ Plastics Engineering Department. “These acrylic sheets offer great optical clarity and are a safer and superior choice compared to glass. Their high impact strength makes them shatter resistant and their abrasion and chemical resistant properties prevent marring and scratching.”

“It is a great honor to help recognize contributors to the plastics industry. As a leading global specialty chemical company, plastics are a major component of our business,” said Antoinette Spages, Product Manager for Specialty Acrylics. “This is also a great opportunity to showcase the superior properties of Acrylite® Abrasion Resistant sheets and demonstrate how they can prevent damage.”

For additional information about Evonik North America, visit www.evonik.com/north-america.


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