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As 2Q 2012 begins, the global recovery is in full swing, with the possible exception of Greece, Spain, Italy and some other EU countries. Their continuing debt problems have held down Eurozone economic growth, affecting imports and hurting exports. Inflation is forecast at 2-3% globally in 2012 and our industry is on track to surpass that in resin and shapes prices.

Transilwrap, film convertor, gets financing from Indiana for expansion. Klöckner Pentaplast is still in play to be bought by a hedge fund company. Bayer MaterialScience ups PC resin prices, while SABIC breaks ground on a massive Chinese PC resin plant in JV with Sinopec. Consolidation in the plastic pipe industry continues as the construction industry continues to operate below capacity. Kydex LLC introduces a new colour palette and effects in their acrylic/pvc sheet line. Many of the new materials were introduced at NPE 2012 including high heat nylon 6/6 and flexible film displays. A review of NPE 2012 new product introductions will pay dividends.

China’s extrusion industry has developed single-screw technology to produce UHMW pipe with diameters of 50 to 1200 mm and sheet from 2 to 50 mm. Rod, tube and profiles are also practical with this new process which supplants conventional ram extrusion technology. The single-screw technology was introduced at NPE 2012.

Internet domain names ending in other countries codes (i.e. “.uk”) may be in dispute if used in U.S. Gasoline prices may have peaked for this year as of mid-April. This could spell relief for our industry’s defense of resin spikes, although buyers may feel power to challenge increases using mistaken gasoline correlation. German processors report record results in 2011. Turnover grew 8% to 56 billion euros with output up to13.5 million metric tons.

Kurt Glaser joins Astari Niagara International to introduce their cast acrylic sheet to the U.S. market. Cope Plastics adds Garrett Bertsch to its management team.


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