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Get ahead in your plastics career with the IAPD Plastics Certificates. Whether you're a newcomer to the industry or a seasoned pro, the IAPD Plastics Certificate Program can take your knowledge to a higher level. The program was developed by the IAPD Education Committee to help educate and evaluate sales professionals in the plastics distribution industry and is based on a broad understanding of the industry.

Level One covers materials and their properties, as well as sales skills. Most of the information comes directly from the IAPD Plastics Primer and Introduction to Plastics. There is also a study guide available online.

The Level Two Certificate test is a more advanced educational tool for continued learning. It expands on the materials learned in Level One by putting that information to practical use with applications from a variety of markets. It evaluates your ability to help your customer by providing customer service solutions. You will not always know all of the answers, but in order to be a successful distribution professional, you must know where to find them. This test gives you practice in doing just that.

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