Ensinger Launches New Website for Cast Nylon

Ensinger, Inc. has completed the redesign of ensingercastnylon.com. The new website showcases Ensinger's cast nylon stock shape, near net shape and custom cast part capabilities. Ensinger offers a variety of cast nylon grades, many of which were designed to meet the needs of industrial applications. In addition to a description of the material grades, the site includes technical information about the properties of the materials. There is also information about Ensinger's casting size capabilities, which include stock shapes, discs, rings and near net shapes that are larger than industry standards.

The website also shows examples of Ensinger's custom parts capabilities. There is information specific to sheaves, outrigger and cushion pads, among other custom cast parts. The custom section includes a line of cast nylon products for waste water treatment operations. Detailed information on custom products is available in the website's literature section.



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