Recycling of non-bottle rigid plastics soars 72 percent in a single year

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) released a new report showing a significant increase in the collection and recycling of non-bottle rigid plastics in the United States. The report, prepared by Moore Recycling Associates, Inc., found that in 2010, nearly 820 million pounds of post-consumer rigid plastics were collected for recycling nationwide, an increase of 72 percent from 2009 and 154 percent since 2007.

The category "non-bottle rigid plastics" includes nondurable items (or packaging), such as dairy and deli tubs, lids, yogurt cups and similar food containers, and durable items, such as pallets, crates, carts, 5-gallon buckets and electronic housings. The collection and recycling of non-bottle rigid plastics is relatively new and calculated separately from plastic bottles, which have been widely recycled in the United States for decades. Read more.


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