Editorial Committee Announces New Look to The IAPD Magazine

The IAPD Editorial Committee welcomed George Southard, CPMR, as its new chair at the 2012 Annual Convention. At the committee meeting, former chair Jim Harrington, CPMR, welcomed everyone and officially introduced Southard as chair. Harrington has moved on to chair the Technical Advisory Committee, which will have some interaction with the Editorial Committee on future projects. Also during that meeting, the committee welcomed its newest member, Chris Corona of CartierWilson.

The Editorial Committee is pleased to announce the redesign of The IAPD Magazine, launching with the February/March 2013 issue. The design is intended to be cleaner, more modern and easier to read. Feel free to contact managing editor and Editorial Committee liaison, Liz Novak, with your feedback.

At the upcoming Leadership Summit, the committee plans to address several topics, including succession planning. A vice-chair will be elected. The committee has already approved term limits of 3 years (up to two terms may be served consecutively) and at the Leadership Summit meeting the committee will decide which of the current members are on the “first,” “second” or “third” years of their terms, so as new members join the committee the terms will be staggered. All IAPD members are welcome to contact George Southard, CPMR, or Liz Novak to express interest in joining the Editorial Committee.


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