IAPD Welcomes Two New Member Companies

IAPD is pleased to welcome Ability Plastics Inc. and Chemtrol, a Brand of NIBCO as the newest members of the association. Ability Plastics Inc. is a fabricator located in Justice, IL, USA. Chemtrol is a manufacturer located in Charlestown, IN, USA.

Ability Plastics, Inc. started as a supplier of engraving material and has since expanded into fabricating, architectural signage, digital printing products and other ad specialty items. The company's sign department manufactures custom made, ready to install architectural signs. Their ad specialty department specializes in short runs (100 - 100,000) of a variety of media. They manufacture plastic cards and tags for a variety of applications such as membership cards, library cards, event credentials, golf bag tags, fundraiser cards, name badges, Photo ID cards and more.

Chemtrol, a Brand of NIBCO, is known for its premium line of industrial flow control products. Chemtrol valves, pipe and fittings are made from advanced thermoplastics engineered for resistance to abrasion, corrosion, weather, chemical and biological attack in environments ranging from hot corrosive liquids and chemical processing, to waste water treatment, pharmaceuticals and food processing. Chemtrol has been in the industrial thermoplastic flow-control systems business for more than 55 years.


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