KYDEX, LLC Helps Bring Theater to Rural Schools

Pictured left to right are: BTE Ensemble Member Elizabeth Dowd, Kydex LLC President Ronn Cort, BTE Development Director Cindy Schultz and BTE Managing Director Jon White-Spunner.

Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble has announced that this 36th year of Theatre in the Classroom (TIC) marks the beginning of a US$75,000, three year, sponsorship from Bloomsburg, PA, USA manufacturer KYDEX, LLC. The sponsorship will provide funding that is critical to ensure that the program continues and will, in part, assist BTE in bringing the program to schools that could not otherwise afford it.

KYDEX, LLC President Ronn Cort notes that the program is a perfect match for the company. “KYDEX has been a supporter of BTE main stage productions, Noh, and Treefest for many years. This increase in our support, and specifically to TIC, is a natural progression in our relationship. BTE has fulfilled the honorable task of providing culture and arts education to our rural area for over 36 years. KYDEX has fulfilled an equally noble endeavor since 1990: our goal is always to be much more than a dependable place of employment. As a manufacturer we take the responsibility to our people, customers, products, community, and future generations very seriously. We are fortunate to be able to support the education of our young people in this most important and vital way. It’s just the right thing to do.”

BTE’s TIC program tours adaptations of world folk literature and history to elementary schools, as well as middle schools, libraries and community centers across Pennsylvania and beyond. For teachers, TIC is a tool for curriculum enhancement; for the students of BTE’s isolated rural regions it is a creative opportunity to study the world. For many in the audience, TIC is their introduction to live theatre and often the only theatre experience they have all year. A major component of BTE programming, TIC is a fully developed project which has reached more than one million students over thirty years. In 2013 TIC reached 22,000 young people in 87 performances at 62 different locations.


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