Members Pass Level 1 and Level 2 Plastics Certificate Programs and Inside and Outside Excellence in Sales Certificate Programs

IAPD is pleased to announce the number of graduates of the IAPD Plastics Certificate and Excellence in Sales Programs from the following companies:


Level 1 Plastics Certificate

  • One employee from AIN Plastics
  • Two employees from Laird Plastics
  • Two employees from Nationwide Plastics, Inc.
  • One employee from Technicor Inc.
  • One employee from Total Plastics, Inc.


Level 2 Plastics Certificate

  • One employee from Redwood Plastics Corporation, A Member of Prisma Plastics International Inc.
  • One employee from Industrial Plastic Supply, Inc.


Excellence in Sales — Inside Sales

  • One employee from Cast Nylons Ltd.
  • Six employees from Cope Plastics, Inc.


Excellence in Sales — Outside Sales

  • One employee from Calsak Plastics
  • One employee from Cope Plastics, Inc.
  • Two employees from Farco Plastics Supply
  • Two employees from Port Plastics, Inc.

See an upcoming issue of The IAPD Magazine for a complete listing of the names of the graduates.


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