Message from the President: Time to Grow Business and IAPD

By Bob Bacon, IAPD President

Summer is here and as we finish the first half of 2012 our industry appears strong overall in spite of a slow economy. New opportunities for our products and the hard work and dedication of our members contribute to our success. Thanks go to all for your efforts to expand the marketplace; IAPD is dedicated to supporting your efforts. Check out the ever-evolving, join the IAPD group on LinkedIn and become an IAPD fan on Facebook so you always have the latest information.

The June/July issue of The IAPD Magazine is out now. It includes the annual Membership Directory, a valuable resource for our industry and members. Member companies and contacts are listed by category for easy reference. Year after year we hear from member companies about how much they use this directory and we're pleased to present it again.

Speaking of members, let's get some more. We all know of companies in our industry that are not IAPD members … yet. There truth in the phrase "strength in numbers." The larger our membership the more services we can provide and with a larger representation we can have a greater impact on the market by providing sound information about our product and its applications.

The Atlanta Leadership Summit was a success and it was, as always, a pleasure to see so many members attend and participate. Jay Gardiner, the facilitator for the strategic planning session, asked some hard questions and made a few valid observations about our organization. He pointed out that IAPD is a diverse group and the association will respond with a plan to accommodate the various segments of the membership. Extra attention will be given to ways to provide opportunities for all members to have a voice. Beyond membership, involvement is the very best way to gain from IAPD. Networking is always the number one reason listed as the benefit of membership and to take advantage of this resource one simply must attend and engage. Large or small, manufacturer or distributor or representative or fabricator, we all have a place in IAPD.

For more networking opportunities, you don't want to miss the IAPD Annual Convention and Plastics Expo in Chicago from October 23-26. Participate in the educational programs, attend product and application presentations, visit with IAPD members in all categories and explore the Expo. This is a valuable event for all member companies and their employees. You can always discover something that will help our industry, plus the experience is invaluable for your personnel. We are promoting specific applications as the basis for product exhibits in an effort to capture the interest of engineers, designers and specifiers. IAPD has planned an aggressive marketing campaign to invite those audiences to attend the Expo and exhibitors have committed to actively promoting the event. Expanding the industry to our mutual benefit is the goal.

Proudly brand your organization with IAPD. We are plastics and IAPD is the voice of plastics distribution.


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