Comco Plastics Inc. Announces Expansion and Separation from The NYTEF Group

Comco Plastics Inc. has separated from The NYTEF Group as it moves to improve services and expand capacity. Comco Plastics is known internationally for application assistance with conversions from metals to plastics. The company is expanding to allow for new products, greater capacity and continued high-level service. Throughout the past 60 years, it has grown globally by offering improved services to the domestic and international markets with a focus on high performance engineering plastics, polyolefins and more.

Comco Plastics’ management anticipates that the fourth quarter of 2013 will see higher demand for services as they expand their ISO Certification from 9001:2008 to include ISO 13485 for medical device and device manufacturing. As one of the largest fabricator of PEEK in North America, Comco Plastics expects to have continued growth in this sector.


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