Lehigh Valley Plastics' management team with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett

Pennsylvania Governor visits Lehigh Valley Plastics

On February 10, Lehigh Valley Plastics was honored by a visit from Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett following its 40th Anniversary and the release of the state’s budget proposal earlier that week. Corbett held an open meeting with the employees.

“LVP obviously demonstrates what we need to have more across the state – manufacturing. I love the fact this is a management-owned facility, they are investing in the community, they are growing in the community, which is tremendous; they came through the recession and went through a tough period of time but, came out much stronger. They understand that you can’t spend more than they have and what you do is grow your revenues, and they grew them the right way... The idea that we’re growing business in PA is extremely important to the Commonwealth.” — Gov. Tom Corbett

Lehigh Valley Plastics President Dave Keim was complimentary of Corbett’s positions on industry, especially the possibility of tax credits for job creation.

“The less taxes, the more we can spend to expand our business,” he said.

LVP has planned for the addition of 10 employees and multiple capital equipment purchases this year.

Lehigh Valley Plastics moved to its North Commerce Way facility in 2007 after 35 years in Allentown. The larger facility was intended to allow for expansion, and the company’s workforce grew from 115 to 155 between 2006 and 2008.

The recession forced the company to cut staff dramatically; however the company has hired more than 50 employees since 2010 and expects to top its prerecession revenue in 2012. 

LVP manufactures plastic components for a number of markets, including agriculture, construction, transportation, pharmaceuticals and material handling.


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