Nick Kraguljac Receives Prestigious Appointment from Austrian President

Kommerzialrat Nick Kraguljac

Nick Kraguljac, who was recently honored by the President of the Republic of Austria with the title “Kommerzialrat.” The appointment was based on an endorsement by the Secretary of Commerce and the Secretary of Justice, together with the nomination by the Austrian Federation of Economy. Having accepted the title, Mr. Kraguljac is entitled to preside as independent judge in the Austrian court of trade and economic affairs.

The Austrian title “Kommerzialrat” is bestowed upon persons who have had an outstanding record of economic influence on the Republic, professional skills and personal integrity and have served actively over a long period of time in the Austrian Economic Federation. According to Mr. Kraguljac, “It may be possible for me to serve on a presiding court, but as this type of judge is a lay judge, in reality such judges are very seldom called up to serve. This very old title goes back to the time when Austria was an Empire and it used to be an appointment to full judge. Today, only such Kommerzialr√§te are called who also have a formal university degree in law. As I do not have a full law degree, only several law credits within my MBA, I do not expect to act as Judge too often. Nevertheless, I am quite proud of it.”

“I’ve known Nick for many years and I am thrilled to see him receive this honor,” said IAPD CEO Susan Avery, CAE. “He is a successful business leader, an advocate for industry growth and a great contributor to both IAPD and EPDA. This recognition is much-deserved and Nick will perform his independent judge duties well.”

Nick Kraguljac is a member of the board of directors of the Klepsch-Group, including the ZL-corporations in the United States. Amongst other positions he is Director of Sales and Marketing of Zell-Metall Austria, a long-time European Plastics Distributors Association (EPDA) member company. The ZL-corporations are members of IAPD and Mr. Kraguljac is a former IAPD board member. He currently serves on the IAPD International Strategy Task Force. In addition, he is head of the Chemical Industry of the State of Salzburg, is a board member of the Chemical Federation of Austria and serves in various sector groups of the European Plastic Converters, which is part of the European Union (EU) organization in Brussels, Belgium. Currently he is involved in a committee to reduce plastic waste going to landfills and another committee working toward the free trade agreements between the EU and United States.


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