Membership Committee Awards Early Renewals

The Membership Committee and staff have been working to secure 2013 membership dues payments. IAPD again held a contest to reward member companies who paid their 2013 membership dues by December 31, 2012. This year, three lucky winners received the following cash prizes:

  • First Place, winning $500, is Fluoro-Plastics, Inc.
  • Second Place, winning $250, is Ideal Plastics
  • Third Place, winning $250, is Piedmont Plastics. IAPD staff thanks Piedmont Plastics for their donation of their prize to the headquarters office for the purchase of a new coffee pot.

The Membership Committee is also working diligently on membership recruitment and retention. In 2012, IAPD recruited 13 new members. The committee would like to recruit 18 new members in 2013. This year, the committee will be applying a special focus on recruiting PVF companies. Additionally, committee members will also be attending IAPD regional golf outings in an attempt to recruit non-member companies for membership.


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