Meyer Plastics Hosts Second Graders' "Best Field Trip Ever"

Approximately 120 second grade students from West Clay Elementary in Carmel, IN, USA, recently visited Meyer Plastics, a distributor and fabricator of plastic products. In a classroom session they learned that plastics are made from natural and manmade materials and can be formed into many useful products. Students and teachers alike were surprised to hear that plastics come from oil. On display were samples of items made out of plastics and the kids enjoyed handling all of them, especially the scorpion preserved in an acrylic ball. They then took a tour of the facility, where they saw examples of thermal forming, laser cutting and much more. Meyer Plastics personnel were surprised by what the kids liked the most about the trip, such as the laser cutting demo and getting their own safety glasses that they could keep. Each child also received a toy called a Rattle Back, which they liked, too. See the YouTube video for a look at what one student described as "the best field trip ever!"


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