SYSPRO White Paper Addresses Five Challenges Facing Manufacturers

A SYSPRO white paper describes five challenges facing mid-size manufacturing companies in 2012 and presents actions the manufacturers can take to overcome the challenges and remain viable and profitable. For example, the white paper notes as a challenge: "remain profitable with fluctuating raw materials costs and margins." It then lists three possible courses of action, including better visibility into operations and the automation of labor-intensive and time-consuming processes. According to Joey Benadretti, president, SYSPRO USA, "The prognostications for 2012 have been numerous, but few, if any, suggest alternative actions that mid-size manufacturers can take to remain viable, competitive and profitable under possible economic scenarios. SYSPRO, however, suggests various economic conditions and the alternative paths manufacturers can take to grow their businesses and end the year as stronger organizations." Click here to download the White Paper: "Five Challenges for Managers of Mid-Sized Manufacturing Companies."


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