DC Circuit Court Strikes Down NLRB Notice Posting Rule

The United States Circuit Court for the District of Columbia struck down the National Labor Relations Board proposed rule that would have required about 6 million businesses to post a “Notice of Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act.”

In another compelling decision (following their Noel Canning decision on recess appointments), the DC Circuit Court ruled unambiguously that the proposed rule was invalid. Another challenge to the Notice Posting rule is pending before the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, hearing a Board appeal from a South Carolina Federal district court that also struck down the Notice Posting rule. The National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) expects the 4th Circuit decision in the Fall.

The NAW has prepared a legal advisory on this decision. Click here to read “DC Appeals Court Nullifies NLRB’s Employer ‘Notice Posting’ Rule.”


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