Wayne Gono Receives Blue Ribbon at IAPD Leadership Summit

IAPD Board member and Regal Plastic Supply Company Vice President/General Manager received a blue ribbon upon arriving in Kansas City, MO, USA on April 30 for the 2013 IAPD Leadership Summit. Gono was the very first to register for the event, thus earning the First Place ribbon.

“I was so excited to see all my IAPD friends again that I jumped at the chance to register for the Leadership Summit. I didn’t realize I was the first to register and I never expected anything for it, so I was thrilled to see my blue ribbon. I wore it proudly! We all had such a GREAT time in Kansas City. I just hope all IAPD members get the chance to go to a Leadership Summit. It’s a wonderful chance to get your voice heard and help shape the future of the association,” said Gono.


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