Letter to the Editor: Defending Plastics

Dear Susan,

That was an interesting and timely article you wrote about the environmental and political fronts in our industry. I’ve been tasked with firing up a “greener” Interstate Plastics so I’ve been paying lots of attention to these things.

Last month while vacationing in La Jolla I took my grand daughters to Birch Aquarium at the Scripps Institute Of Oceanography. As we were finishing up viewing all the sea life in the aquariums, the final exhibits are jellyfish, then a very effective display showing plastic bags in the ocean and how they look like jelly fish and as a result endanger sea life. Stacey, my 9-year-old granddaughter was really paying attention to all this and she knows I’m a lifelong plastic guy. She practically has tears in her eyes thinking her grandpa is helping to kill the oceans.

So in my own defense and that of the industry I love, I went on a “plastic soap box” and started explaining to Stacey how plastic benefits the world, how those aquariums we looked at were all made of plastic, how Scripps could not even function without plastics, the submarine in the parking lot had acrylic ports, and so on. At this point a smiling Scripps maintenance guy jumps in the conversation and opens a cabinet showing Stacey a pipe/valve/fittings maze that I really loved and he supported my point that without plastics, Scripps cold not function.

As we closed our little rehabilitation of our plastic industry, that Scripps employee took this photo of Stacey and I in front of a display that talks bad about plastics. The display is made from foam PVC and marine HDPE! You can see we love Interstate Plastics and Stacey is now on board with the benefits of plastic in our world and understands responsibility for our resources is an individual decision we each make every day. A month later I realize in the 2nd photo, my other granddaughter, Jenna is playing with a plastic book about boats I bought her at the Birch Aquarium souvenir shop.

The bad plastic propaganda is being fed to us daily and kids like Stacey take it to heart. We owe it to our world to tell the whole story. Plastics have great value when used correctly. Even the bad plastic display was made out of plastic; the irony in this issue is hilarious. Thanks for the article.


Richard McDevitt

Quality Assurance & Safety Manager

Interstate Plastics


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