Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products Launches New Web Material Selector and Live Web Chat

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products has launched a web-based Material Selector and Live Web Chat. These new features allow designers and engineers to sort and match materials to specific project parameters or connect with technical experts for instant feedback. Using these tools, designers and engineers can sort through Quadrant's products and match materials to project parameters. Properties such as temperature ranges, structural and bearing uses, stress, and regulatory compliance can be quickly narrowed down to the ideal match and chemical environment. The data from side-by-side material comparisons can be exported to Finite Element Analysis (FEA) programs such as SolidWorks and COMSOL. Live Web Chat enables customers to connect with experts who have experience in a variety of platforms and applications: food processing, semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, chemical processing, life sciences, energy and diverse industrial equipment.

Quadrant has also added Spanish and Portuguese translation tabs to the website. The translation tabs allow the world market access to design and engineering knowledge in a collaborative environment no longer impeded by language barriers.



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