Processes in Creating Transparent Acrylic Edges

This presentation is sponsored by Stiles Machinery, Inc. and will focus on providing insight into mechanized solutions for polishing/processing transparent acrylic edges. It will include machinery as well as tooling systems produced specifically for this market segment.

General overviews and demonstration videos will be presented including:

Flexible solutions for polishing/processing 90 degree and beveled edges
Fixed solutions for 90 degree edges
Fixed solutions for beveled edges
Flexible tooling solutions for CNC routers for polishing non-rectilinear geometries

Attendees of this presentation will:

Learn four basic mechanical platforms for polishing/processing acrylic edges
Understand the pros and cons of different approaches to edge beveling
Know what to look for when considering this type of production equipment
Discuss tooling and the importance of serviceability for acrylic processing tools
Review the case study: manual vs. mechanical polishing

Start Date: Friday, September 19, 2014
End Date: Saturday, September 20, 2014

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