Unique PETG applications_How did they do that?

November 2011, Presented by Angela Albert and Chad Frazier, Eastman Chemical Company

November’s IAPD webinar is customized for plasti...


Thermoplastic Industrial Piping Systems_Part 1

Presented by David Chasis, Chasis Consulting, January 2012

David Chasis delivers part one of a two-part series on Thermoplastic Indus...


Fitness for Use and Fabrication Techniques for PETG Sheet

Chad Frazier, Eastman Chemical Company, Jan. 2011
Chad Frazier of Eastman Chemical Company discusses FFU attributes while focusing on seco...


The Capabilities of Cast Nylons

Calvin Petersen, from Nylatech, Inc., Oct. 2011
Cast Nylons were once a mundane product line, containing three or four formulations, however...


Keep That Plastic Polished

Presented by Dean Trocke, NOVUS, Sept. 2011 Although the use of plastic is wide-spread, many may still not know how to care for it. September’s...