About IAPD

The International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD), established in 1956, brings together distributors, fabricators, manufacturers, manufacturers’ representatives, recyclers and service providers in an environment which encourages a free flow of ideas and information that help members build their businesses. Every program and service we provide is designed with the simple goal of helping our members increase profitability.

Membership in IAPD is an affordable business investment. IAPD provides training, connections with customers and suppliers and information about developments that impact the industry. What makes IAPD unique is a commitment to educating customers and other key end users about plastics. In other words, IAPD works with members to build the demand for plastics. Central to this effort is the reinforcement of the value of distribution.

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About Performance Plastics

Performance plastics can be strong, lightweight, flexible, durable, sheer and environmentally friendly. Consider the variety of advantages performance plastics offer, including:

  • Ability to withstand chemicals and corrosion, or be fully biodegradable.
  • Low weight-to-strength ratio saves you money on transportation and fuel.
  • Low coefficient of friction means less lubrication and less wear on other parts.
  • Long life and repairability means fewer replacements and less downtime.

Look through our site to find out more about plastics properties, applications, benefits and trade names. Browse our membership directory to locate top manufacturers and distributors of plastic stock shapes, see-throughs and pipe, valves and fittings.


The Distribution Channel Value

IAPD Distributor members serve many varied functions, including:

  • Acting as selling agents for suppliers and buying agents for customers in geographically defined markets.
  • Physically distributing products.
  • Adding value through product customization because they physically possess products.
  • Acting as banks, playing a role in financing the growing economy.
  • Providing post-sale service and support.
  • Being experts in the materials, thereby serving as a valuable knowledge base to their customers.
Contact an IAPD Distributor member for all your plastics needs. It's good business to do business with an IAPD member.

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Improve the knowledge, performance & capability of IAPD members



Make the distribution channel the path of choice



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