IAPD’s GreenScene(TM) Program

The IAPD GreenScene(TM) program was developed to honor all member companies that are engaging in environmentally friendly business practices. To qualify for the IAPD GreenScene(TM) program, complete the application and return it to Liz Novak. Companies that earn a minimum of 100 points based on the application will qualify for GreenScene(TM) designation. Apply today!

IAPD Environmental Committee

IAPD is Going Green by Promoting Environmental Policies and Best Practices to the Performance Plastics Industry. The IAPD Environmental Committee was formed in April 2008. The committee is striving to make members more aware of how they can apply sustainability principles in the manufacturing, distribution, use and disposition of plastic materials. The Environmental Committee encourages IAPD members to adopt green business practices, educates the end-user audience about the sustainability of plastics and promotes the environmentally friendly qualities of plastics to the public.

IAPD Environmental Excellence Award

The IAPD Environmental Excellence Award recognizes the innovative or exemplary environmental responsibility by a member firm. This special recognition honors IAPD member companies that show environmental achievement in areas such as recycling, natural resource conservation, waste reduction, social impact, employee engagement and more. Applications are accepted in the months leading up to the annual convention and award recipients are announced during the opening general session of the convention. The application was revised in 2015. Now in a checklist format, it can easily serve as a gap analysis tool for any company in the performance plastics industry that is interested in adopting greener practices.