"My experience as a woman working in the plastics industry was nothing as I expected. As a plastics & polymer engineering student at Penn College, the majority of the student body is male, which prepared me for working in a male-dominated industry. There is so much opportunity for women in the performance plastics industry, and I encourage more women to make performance plastics your career."

— Alex Korinchak,
Women in Plastics Educational Workshop Attendee

Women in Plastics is committed to supporting women through mentoring, education and personal and professional development to attract, retain and advance women within the plastics industry. Women in Plastics is open to members, plastics industry professionals and students who are interested in supporting our objectives.

The group will focus on the distinct needs of Women in Plastics:

  • Promote leadership and education focused on women in the plastics industry
  • Provide resources needed for successful career advancement
  • Encourage work/life balance
  • Give back to the community through various philanthropic endeavors

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Women in Plastics Committee Positions

Communications Coordinator
Increase awareness of Women in Plastics through quarterly newsletters
Programs Coordinator
Assist in the creation and delivery of additional initiatives outside of Educational Workshops
Sponsorship Coordinator
Assist the volunteer host in raising the required funds for each Women in Plastics Educational Worship
University Outreach Coordinator
Raise awareness and drive student attendance to Educational Workshops from local universities
Webinar Coordinator
Assist with the delivery of one or more webinars per year
Member at Large
Not interested in a coordinator role?
You can still be a member of the  committee!

Committee positions are now open. Click here to apply.

"My first Women in Plastics educational workshop taught me valuable lessons and provided me with useful advice for my future as a business woman. The keynote speakers’ topics were relevant and relatable, and the group discussions were eye opening. Networking activities allowed me to hear from other successful women in the industry, as well as ask questions about climbing the corporate ladder. As a young woman in the industry, I found the experience invaluable, and I am looking forward to my next Women in Plastics event!"

— Shelby Flournoy
Women in Plastics Educational Workshop Attendee


Women in Plastics hosts various educational offerings including in-person sessions at the IAPD Annual Convention, e-training webinars and regional events. See below for upcoming and recent Women in Plastics hosted events.

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Upcoming 2019 Women in Plastics Educational Workshops

August 2019: Women in Plastics Educational Workshop - Anaheim, CA

Join Women in Plastics for a morning of learning and connecting on Thursday, August 1, 2019 in Anaheim, CA.

This half-day educational workshop will feature:

  1. Interactive workshop on strategic thinking
  2. Collaborative networking activities
  3. Lively group discussion
  4. An opportunity to meet industry peers and build business relationships
  5. Networking breakfast and lunch

This educational offering is intended to help foster facilitated networking and the chance to connect with attendees on a deeper level.

Women and men are welcome to attend.

Click here to learn more and register!

2019 Workshops 2018 Workshops

November 2018: Women in Plastics Educational Workshop

Thursday, November 8, 2018 in Charlotte, NC

August 2018: Women in Plastics Educational Workshop

Thursday, August 23, 2018 in Philadelphia, PA

June 2018: Women in Plastics Educational Workshop

Thursday, June 14, 2018 in Montréal, Québec

April 2018: Women in Plastics Educational Workshop

Thursday, April 26, 2018 in Columbus, OH

2017 Workshops

November 2017: Women in Plastics Educational Workshop

Thursday, November 9, 2017 in Irving, TX.

September 2017: Women in Plastics Educational Workshop
Friday, September 15, 2017 in Bethlehem, PA.

Click here for event photos.
August 2017: Women in Plastics Educational Workshop
Wednesday, August 23, 2017 in Irvine, CA.
Click here for event photos.


April 2017: Women in Plastics Educational Workshop

Friday, April 21 at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.
Click here for event photos.

February 2017: Women in Plastics Educational Workshop

Friday, February 10 in Tampa, FL, USA.
Click here for event photos.


2016 Workshops


July 2016: Women in Plastics Educational Workshop

Atlanta, GA, USAClick here for event photos.


March 2016: Women in Plastics Educational Workshop

Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Click here for event photos.


October 2016: What is Mentoring All About?

Presented by Valerie Faust

Many individuals and organizations have made a fatal flaw in the development of their mentoring programs: over complicating them.
The lists of tips/requirements, questions to memorize, workshops to attend and precise schedules to follow has made mentoring seem intimidating, impersonal and manufactured. We need to get back to the basics of mentoring and remember that, at the heart of it, mentoring is one person willing to instill their wisdom and experiences into another who desires to learn and grow. Valerie Faust, MSOL, detailed the importance of having and being a mentor in her session.

Key takeaways from the presentation were:
  • Understanding that mentoring is no more complicated than one person willing to pour out their wisdom and experiences into another who desires to learn and grow.
  • Understanding the two key principles of effective mentoring.
  • Three key strategies for cultivating an effective mentoring relationship.
  • Three key strategies for cultivating an effective mentoring culture within your organization.


2015 Workshops

April 2015: Relay for Life

Women in Plastics held its first regional event on Saturday, April 25, 2015: The Relay for Life Event supporting the American Cancer Society at Lafayette College in Easton, PA, USA. They raised more than US$5,500 for the event and earned the top spot for fundraising teams. Team Captain Christina Edwards was the top individual fundraiser and Karen DeBard, CPMR, was second. The team comprised of Christina Edwards (Team Captain - Laird Plastics), Joan Kraczynski (Laird Plastics), Kim Reddick, CPMR (Martino Marketing Group), Monica Esposito (Martino Marketing Group) and Karen DeBard, CPMR (Martino Marketing Group). The team also received some local participation from family and friends. They thank all of their supporters for helping make this event such a success!
Click here for event photos.

September 2015: Find Your Organization's X-Factors

Presented by Kathy and Ron Coder

Despite the fact that women earn 60 percent of all master’s degrees and 52 percent of all doctorates, they make up less than 20 percent of leadership teams. Clearly, organizations are not effectively tapping into this human talent. In this session at the 59th Annual IAPD Convention, Kathy and Ron Coder offered practical steps for women and men to increase their leadership capacity, as well as coaching those in a leadership position how to tap into this talent “X-Factor.” This lively session equipped and empowered both genders to fulfill their leadership calling and help current leaders better maximize their organizations’ talent pool.

This session provided a safe and stimulating learning environment for attendees to:
  • Have more confidence in leadership
  • Increase their courage to lead
  • Build stronger professional networks
  • Communicate more effectively/branding YOU
  • Take calculated risks and action

IAPD members, plastics professionals and students enjoyed a special Women in Plastics networking event located the in the heart of historic Philadelphia, PA. This event included a tour of the National Liberty Museum, a cocktail reception and a presentation from IAPD member Dr. Keith Hechtel, DBA, about the career challenges and opportunities for women in the performance plastics industry.
Click here for event photos.


2014 Workshops

October 2014: Building a Better Workplace – Understanding Gender Roles

Presented by Dr. Helen Eckmann
At the 58th Annual IAPD Convention in Chicago, IL, USA, Dr. Helen Eckmann presented an educational session in which we discussed ways that women and men, and those who are visibly different, can work together better. Tips, tools and data were offered for both women and men to make the workplace fairer, including:
  • Roles women are often assigned
  • Perceptions of women and men
  • Career and self-development
  • Five stages of power
  • How to build your brand
  • SMART goals
We reviewed the findings of a survey taken at a Diversity Summit for the Institute for Supply Chain Management, which indicated that women and men would rather work for a man, and discussed how women can identify their competencies and recognize behaviors that may work against them.
Attendees of this session:
  • Analyzed how women and men lead in somewhat different ways.
  • Analyzed the data from a survey showing that both women and men would rather work for men and the implications of that data to women in general and society at large.
  • Learned ways that women and men can gain power and authority.
Watch this quick video and hear from Helen about this session.


Women in Plastics is committed to providing informational and educational resources to help others in the industry be more successful. As we come across articles, links, training, etc. we will post them below for your convenience.

Articles of Interest

Women in Plastics 
Event Leads to
 2018 Women in 
Plastics Year in

Women in Plastics Interviews

Learn more about women in the performance plastics industry and how they began their careers in plastics.

Jane Saale
Patsy Gono
Deborah Ragsdale
Carolyn Faulk

Plastics News: Women Breaking the Mold Network
IAPD's Women in Plastics has partnered with Plastics News Women Breaking the Mold Network (WBM), an empowering community dedicated to the professional development of female executives in the plastics industry. Learn more about their professional development and upcoming events!

IAPD Webinars On-Demand

June 2015: Strategic Intent, presented by Dr. Helen Eckmann

The purpose of this webinar is to equip those attending with the knowledge and ability to effectively communicate their integral contributions to the key initiatives in their organization, or how to be considered the “go to person” in their organization.

Being considered the “go to person” means you can:

  • SEE your job and how it connects to the overall strategy of your organization
  • COMMUNICATE what you do to your bosses so they view you as integral to the success of the organization
  • FIND more ways to track your competition and show you are prepared to help your organization gain more market share

Upon completion of this webinar, you will come away with tools to:

  • Learn your organization’s mission, vision, strategies and strategic intent
  • Develop steps to align your job more closely to the strategy of your organization
  • Create words and phrases that you can use to help you communicate to your boss the ways that you are integral to the success of your organization
  • Track your competition to learn from them and beat them
  • Be considered the “go to person” in your organization


December 2014: Building a Better Workplace – Power and Goals, presented by Dr. Helen Eckmann

As a follow up to her educational session, Building a Better Workplace: Understanding Gender Roles, at the 58th Annual IAPD Convention and Plastics Expo, Dr. Helen Eckmann will offer ways that women and men can more effectively gain power in any situation. She will teach you how to read your own power and the power of others. Helen will also review Janet Hagberg’s Six Stages of Power and SMART Goals. You will learn how SMART goals can help your understanding of your organization’s strategy and how to apply these concepts to further your power and role within the organization.

Tips, tools and data will be offered about power and goals, including:

  • Six stages of power
  • How power can change depending upon the situation
  • How to “read” the perceived power of others in any given situation
  • System of SMART goals


Non-IAPD Webinars
The Secret Weapon for Women in Business: Networking Redefined, presented by Susan Brady

Successful women credit networking and relationship building as the most important element to their advancement and overall success. Yet many women remain ambivalent about networking, or due to other life obligations, minimize its potential impact on their professional success and opt not to spend enough time developing critical relationships. As it turns outs, the avoidance of networking has become a competitive challenge for women, and time and again, the same themes arise as to why women really aren’t networking as much as they need to.

Having been asked by dozens of companies to drill down on this dilemma (and give some advice on what “good” networking looks like) Susan Brady, Lead Strategist for Linkage’s Advancing Women Leader’s Practice, will share:

  1. A new definition of what it means to network today and the value it holds
  2. Three inhibitors that women leaders face when networking
  3. How to shift those inhibitors into winning strategies for successful networking




Community Events

Care Packages

During the showcase at the IAPD Convention members assembled care packages for the Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, a local women’s charity in Phoenix, AZ. Care packages included the following donated items: granola bars, water bottles, protein shakes, shampoo/conditioner, travel size laundry detergent and tissues for their social worker’s visits. 

National Manufacturing Day

In honor of National Manufacturing Day, Ensinger, in conjunction with Women in Plastics, hosted Girl Scout Troop #21266. Kim Reddick of MMG along with Michelle Taylor and Tara Stephan of SABIC Polymershapes gave an interactive presentation on how things are made using items such as Play-Doh and Jell-o to explain the different processing methods of plastics. 

Following the presentation, the Troop took a tour of Ensinger’s New Jersey facility, led by Bruce Dickinson, national marketing manager. They were shown how plastics are extruded and cast. Ken Grier, technical manager at Ensinger, took them into the lab to show how the various properties of plastics are tested.

This was done as part of Women in Plastics’ mission to bring awareness to the industry.

Women in Plastics Contacts

The Women in Plastics Common Interest Group is supported by a chair and vice chair position as well as sub-group leaders who focus on specific areas of interest.


  • Communications
    Angela Rodenburgh, Redwood Plastics Corporation, A Member of Prisma Plastics International Inc. 
  • Education
    Jinny Kcehowski, Curbell Plastics, Inc. - Pittsburgh
"I have attended two Women in Plastics workshops, and it was through one of these workshops that I landed my summer internship at Quadrant EPP. This was an incredibly positive and educational experience for me. My journey so far has been nothing but awesome and I am looking forward to what the industry has in store for me!"

— Alex Korinchak
Women in Plastics Educational Workshop Attendee