Plastics Technical Resources

IAPD offers technical resources for industry professionals to expand their performance plastics knowledge as well as end users, including engineers, designers, specifiers, OEMs and MROs, looking for more information about industrial plastics and the most common markets for plastics. 

IAPD's plastics technical resources come in various forms such as PDF articles, informational charts, one-page documents and online e-training presentations and courses. Listed below are some of IAPD's most popular technical resources, many of which are FREE! All you have to do is login to your IAPD account (at the bottom of the page) to download/purchase IAPD's plastics technical resources.

Free Downloads

Top 26 Markets for Plastics

IAPD has identified the top 26 markets where performance plastics are the most prevalent. Login below to download these free one-page informational sheets to learn more about performance plastics used within each market, from materials to applications to the advantages of using performance plastic versus other materials.

For additional exposure, IAPD members may contact IAPD staff to professionally customize the Top 26 Market sheets with their company logo for a nominal fee.

Article Archives

Performance Plastics (formerly The IAPD Magazine) is the leading magazine reaching the performance plastics distribution, manufacturing, fabrication and OEM marketplace.

A repository of archived articles is available in IAPD's Technical Library. After you login below, you can search by keyword and download the articles that meet your needs.


IAPD Material Property Tables

IAPD's Material Property Tables provide technical details about plastics materials and their properties, such as acrylic, nylon, polycarbonate and more. The tables include ASTM and ISO standards for your convenience.

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IAPD Thermoplastics Rectangle

This newly redesigned free training tool is an excellent way to quickly learn about performance plastic materials. The IAPD Thermoplastics Rectangle features a list of thermoplastics broken out by type (amorphous, crystalline or imidized) and their key characteristics including cost, strength, performance and more.

On the backside, the Plastic Property Comparison Graphs compare some of the most commonly used thermoplastics such as Cast Nylon and Polycarbonate in relation to operating temperature, compressive strength and more.

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Technical Resources Available to Purchase

Introduction to Plastics, 12th Edition

Introduction to Plastics, a training manual focused on the broad understanding of the performance plastics industry, is the best technical resource to secure a solid foundation of plastics knowledge. It focuses on the basic behavior and properties of performance plastic materials and their varied uses.

The 12th edition features updates to all of the chapters, as well as a colorful redesign, top 26 markets with member listings, a restructured table of contents and much more. Anyone who works or designs with performance plastics will find this a useful technical resource they'll refer to often.

Login below to purchase Introduction to Plastics from the IAPD Store. Save more when you bundle your purchase of Introduction to Plastics AND Performance Plastics Level I. The content of the Level I exam is based largely on information found in the Introduction to Plastics training manual.


Performance Plastics Magazine

Performance Plastics magazine is the official magazine of the International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD), dedicated to the goal of promoting and educating all readers about the uses and benefits of performance plastics. Each issue includes important news and updates from IAPD members, information about how performance plastics are improving life in numerous applications in a variety of markets and deep dive educational articles.

All IAPD member company employees are entitled to a free subscription to Performance Plastics magazine. Nonmembers may subscribe to the magazine for US$90/year; additional subscriptions to the same address are only US$45 each. Click here to download a subscription form. For more information or to subscribe, contact IAPD staff or call +(913) 345-1005.



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