2017 IAPD Plastics Expo



The IAPD Plastics Expo allows attendees to meet with plastics experts from all over the country and talk to them about how plastics can help solve their design issues. IAPD members, the experts in the distribution, fabrication and manufacturing of engineering-grade plastics, are there to discuss your challenges and show you how plastics can help you turn your visions into reality.

IAPD has identified the Top 26 Markets for Plastics, such as Aerospace and Food and Beverage, to help attendees find the experts in their industry. The IAPD Plastics Expo Technical Sessions also display blue and white icons to designate what market(s) will be discussed in each 30-minute presentation.

Who you will meet at the IAPD Plastics Expo

  • Professionals in the plastics industry there to speak with customers and suppliers
  • End users learning about the power of plastics for their applications
  • Students and faculty finding out what opportunities are out there in the world of plastics

With valuable educational sessions offered in the morning, technical sessions being presented during Expo hours, lots of opportunity to speak with exhibitors, plus networking during lunch and the post-Expo Closing Party, there’s something for everyone at the IAPD Plastics Expo.

How is the Expo different from the Showcase?

The IAPD Convention & Expo Committee has identified two models, the Plastics Expo and the Plastics Showcase. Plastics Expos are held in even numbered years in large metropolitan areas, while Plastics Showcases are held in more "destination" locations such as Miami, FL, USA and San Diego, CA, USA. Another key differentiator is the intended audience for each event: The Plastics Expo is intended to introduce plastics to the end-user audience of engineers, designers, material specifiers, OEMs, MROs and all others who are researching materials for their projects. Technical sessions on the show floor help introduce the use of plastics in various markets to this audience. While this audience is also welcome to attend the Plastics Showcase, the intended audience for the Showcase is the plastics industry and the event is a way to celebrate plastics throughout the supply chain.

This event is FREE for:

  • Designers
  • Specifiers
  • Engineers
  • OEMs
  • Students
  • Faculty

The IAPD Plastics Expo is a valuable content-rich day that:

  • Gives you a broad understanding of the many different types of plastics
  • Demonstrates the various uses of plastics to help solve complex design challenges
  • Gives you access to industry experts who know the materials inside out
  • Provides a prime opportunity to meet with the industry-leading suppliers, distributors and fabricators who can help you source, design and use plastics in your applications