2018 IAPD Leadership Development Conference

May 21-23, 2018
Charlotte, NC, USA


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Leadership Development Conference Registration Fees

At the IAPD Leadership Development Conference, you will:

  • Receive powerful leadership training  
  • Shape the future of the association
  • Hear directly from IAPD’s leadership 
  • Engage in substantive committee meetings
  • Strengthen your relationships with leaders in the performance plastics industry

It’s my pleasure to welcome IAPD members to my home town of Charlotte, NC, USA for the 2018 IAPD Leadership Development Conference on May 21-23. This event has something for everyone at any level of your organization: valuable leadership training from top professionals, networking with IAPD leaders, a convenient way to enhance your professional development by exploring the opportunities to get involved in IAPD and a lot of fun, too. You can expect two inspiring, knowledgeable speakers who will address key topics of interest, along with plenty of time to learn, grow and connect.

I believe that it’s the responsibility of today’s leaders to grow and nurture the up-and-coming leaders, and the IAPD Leadership Development Conference is an excellent, affordable way to invest in the talent pipeline in your company. Bring your future leaders, see them learn and grow at this leadership training event and introduce them to the many benefits of being more involved in IAPD. All IAPD committee volunteers are strongly urged to attend this meeting.

All IAPD members will gain valuable training and I encourage you to come and see what it’s all about. I can’t wait to see you all there!

— IAPD President Rick Gough