2017 IAPD Leadership Development Conference

May 9-11, 2017
Nashville, TN, USA


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At the IAPD Leadership Development Conference, you will:

  • Receive powerful leadership training 
  • Shape the future of the association
  • Hear directly from IAPD’s top leadership 
  • Engage in substantive committee meetings
  • Strengthen your relationships with leaders in the performance plastics industry

Leadership Development Conference Registration Fees

I’m pleased to announce the IAPD Leadership Development Conference, a two-day event designed to help you develop your leadership skills while also providing valuable networking time with the IAPD Board of Directors and committee volunteers.

Last year, accomplished coach Heather Christie presented two popular workshops on how to facilitate more productive meetings and lead discussion of the DISC assessment, which helped attendees learn about their management style and how to best manage others on their teams. In May, we will continue that momentum and provide additional training to help you be a better leader and manager, all while becoming more connected in the industry.

All IAPD committee volunteers are encouraged to attend this meeting to gain valuable training. I strongly urge everyone to come and see what it’s all about and look forward to seeing you all there!”

— IAPD President Mitch Opalich