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Any partnership, corporation, or a division, subsidiary or department of a company who is engaged in the manufacture or supply of plastic sheet, rod, tube, film, resin, pipe, fittings and valves.

  • Grow awareness of your brands in the channel all the way through to the end users
  • Network with performance plastics distributors and manufacturers to share ideas an best practices
  • Train hundreds of people specifying performance plastics in the market on your materials
  • Shape the industry through active involvement
  • Use of the IAPD member logo on your website
  • Shows you’re committed to excellence, a code of ethics and the industry in general
  • Awards for excellence
  • Free placement for press releases, product releases and literature promotions
  • The manufacturing channel for plastics stock shapes and PVF, including resin manufacturers/distributors, manufacturers and fabricators
  • A channel that brings your products to the OEMs/MROs
  • An “on the ground” sales force through manufacturers, your first point of contact in the supply chain
  • Business partners, technical specification resources, supplier and machining resources
  • IAPD Plastics Certificate Programs
  • Free webinars
  • Technical sessions
  • Quarterly economic reports
  • Plastics property tables
  • AEA University of Innovative Distribution discounts
  • NAW discounts
  • IAPD promotes the sustainability of performance plastics to local and national legislators and regulators
  • IAPD presents a powerful unified voice for the industry with the IAPD Plastics Political Action Committee (PAC)
Cost Savings & Benefits
  • Free subscriptions for your key staff to critical information resources such as Performance Plastics magazine, the top publication exclusively for and about the plastics distribution industry
  • Free registration to IAPD’s monthly webinars
  • Free listing in the IAPD Membership Directory and IAPD Source Guide (both in print and online)
  • 40% discount on educational offerings such as registrations for the annual IAPD Convention and the IAPD Plastics Certificate Programs
  • 40% discount on exhibit booth rates
  • 15% discount on print and online advertising
  • IAPD member rates for affiliated programs (e.g., insurance)



Membership Qualifications

Sec. 1C. 
Manufacturer Membership. Any partnership, corporation, or a division, subsidiary or department of a company who is engaged in the manufacture or supply of plastics (e.g., sheet, rod, tube, film or pipe, valves and fittings.) Manufacturer members must subscribe to the IAPD’s Code of Ethics, and meet all of the following eligibility requirements: 
(a) Derives revenue from the extrusion, molding, casting, etc. and sale of plastic sheet, rod, tube, film or pipe, valves and fittings products directly to plastics distributors or the redistribution of and sale of plastic sheet, rod, tube, film, resin, pipe, valves, or fittings products directly to plastics distributors; and 
(b) Distributes products through three or more plastics distributors; and 
(c) Has been engaged in the business of plastics manufacturing or plastics redistribution for one or more years with total minimum annual plastic sales through distribution of at least $1,000,000; and 
(d) Derives at least 50 percent of revenues from sales through distribution or has annual plastic total sales through distribution over US$10 million dollars (subsidiaries who use parent company numbers to qualify must join as the parent company); and 
(e) Provides three reference letters from plastics distributors attesting to the commitment of the organization to the plastics distribution channel, qualification for IAPD membership and verification that the applicant’s product are purchased through distribution.

Exceptions to any of the foregoing requirements for any category of membership may be made by the Board of Directors upon its determination that the particular circumstances will not be to the detriment of the Association or the applicant.

Code of Ethics     Competencies and Expectations