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Date: January 13, 2023
Contact: Kailee Canty, Marketing and Education Manager, +913.345.1005


IAPD Women in Plastics Committee Announces Vice Chair, New Structure and Members

Overland Park, Kans. – IAPD – The Performance Plastics Association is pleased to announce Jeri O’Brien, PLASKOLITE, as the vice chair to the Women in Plastics Committee among other changes to the association’s fastest growing program. 

O’Brien previously volunteered for Women in Plastics in 2022, collecting sponsorships for in-person and virtual events. “I am very excited to take on the role of vice chair for the Women in Plastics Committee,” said O’Brien. “Over the years, this program has provided me with excellent training and networking opportunities.  I’m honored to be a part of a legacy of supporting the women in our industry.”

New committee structure
The newly adopted committee structure consists of the chair, vice chair, the immediate past president, four volunteers focused on sponsorships, three volunteers to develop content for the workshop and two volunteers who act as the engagement officers for Women in Plastics social media accounts. Volunteers who serve on the sponsorship, workshop content or engagement subcommittees for one term (one year) are eligible to run for the Women in Plastics vice chair position. After one term as a vice chair, that individual then serves one term as chair. 

“We are enthusiastic about the structure that's been implemented as it will provide Women in Plastics Committee member requirements and a clear pathway to leadership,” said Deena Baker, CartierWilson LLC and chair of the Women in Plastics Committee.  “I'm looking forward to collaborating with the newly formed committee and leveraging the skills that each of us bring to the table.”

An application to join the Women in Plastics Committee was sent via email to those subscribed to hear updates on the program, as well as posted on IAPD’s LinkedIn account. After review and final approval from the chair and vice chair, the new committee is as follows:

Chair: Deena Baker, CartierWilson LLC
Vice Chair: Jeri O’Brien, PLASKOLITE
Immediate Past President(s): Kim Reddick, Martino Marketing Group and Lisa Kreinces, Vycom

Engagement Subcommittee
  • Sylvia Steiger, Nylatech, Inc. 
  • Victoria Kohn, Martino Marketing Group
Sponsorship Subcommittee
  • Hannah Ackers, PLASKOLITE
  • Kendra Bolin, Nylatech, Inc.
  • Toni Forbert, PTFE Industries
  • Brenda Briggs, PLASKOLITE
Workshop Content Subcommittee
  • Serenity Sherman, Nylatech, Inc.
  • Krystin DeVasier, Drake Plastics Ltd. Co.
Applications to serve on the 2024 Women in Plastics Committee will be released in August 2023. For more information on IAPD committees, councils and CIGs, visit the IAPD website. 
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