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Date: March 20, 2018
Contact: Liz Novak, CAE, Senior Director of Marketing and Advocacy / Editor-In-Chief, +913.345.1005


IAPD Supports the Municipal Infrastructure Savings and Transparency Act

Overland Park, KS —The International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD) endorses HR 5310 the Municipal Infrastructure Savings and Transparency Act as introduced by Congressman Bruce Babin (R-TX-36).

“This bill is a critical first step in the process of truly opening the bidding process to new and innovative materials such as performance plastics,” said IAPD CEO Susan Avery, CAE. “Unfortunately, for far too long the lack of understanding and knowledge of the environmental, structural and cost benefits of materials such as plastic piping has led states and municipalities to use other products that cannot compare to the benefits performance plastics provide.”

As an example, the American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that US$2 trillion of additional infrastructure investment is needed over the next ten years, and the American Water Works Association (AWWA) estimates that more than US$1.3 trillion is needed for water infrastructure improvements in the coming decades.

If open competition was mandated by making any bid for a new water project product agnostic, the results would be significant. Overall, out of the US$1.3 trillion AWWA estimates would need to be spent on water infrastructure improvements, the National Taxpayers Union estimates that open competition could save more than US$371 billion. According to a BCC Research 2017 study, municipalities could save in excess of 25 percent on pipe costs simply by allowing open competition.

“The IAPD wholeheartedly welcomes Congressman Babin’s efforts to change the status quo so that America’s infrastructure projects can benefit from the newest, environmentally friendly, structurally sound and most cost-effective products available,” said IAPD Executive Committee Member and Government Relations Committee Chair Deborah Ragsdale. “When you empower project engineers with the knowledge and capabilities to use the best products at the most competitive costs, not only will the infrastructure project be successful, but the American tax payer will save as well, allowing more projects to be funded with less money. The result is a true win for everyone.”

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