Modern Plastics and North American Plastics Producing Millions of Facemasks

April/May 2020

According to Modern Plastics President Bing Carbone, the company took a hard look at the COVID-19 crisis and North American Plastics Regional Manager Roger Plizga said, “We’ve got to do something to help fight this COVID-19 pandemic.” That’s when the companies started thinking about the performance plastics that they carry, combined with the national manufacturing capabilities and the power of the North American Plastics group of companies, and decided to start mass-producing plastic facemask shields. They have retrofitted multiple Laird Plastics facilities, including Modern Plastics, to produce facemask shields in enormous volume.  
The facemask shields are an additional barrier typically used in conjunction with N95 facemasks. The product covers the face well and serves as an excellent added protection layer for the user.

“We cannot thank Bing and his team of people that have produced these masks for us. Your company is literally savings lives and the speed and quality of the facemask shields you delivered was superb!” said a world-renowned hospital in New Haven, CT, USA.

In addition, Modern Plastics has produced several stock and custom fabricated products such as food protection covers (sneeze guards), physical barrier shields from acrylic and polycarbonate, specialty grades of antimicrobial sheet, wall partitions and various other performance plastic products and materials to help protect healthcare professionals, first responders, doctors and nurses and, of course, the public.

The bulk of these products are made from polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG), which is an ideal material due to its physical properties and agency approvals. PETG is a thermoplastic polyester that provides significant chemical resistance, durability and excellent formability for manufacturing.  

Modern Plastics is producing millions of facemask shields and they have shifts running 24/7 in many cases to meet demand. Laird Plastics is also producing and marketing the facemask shields.