Office Partitions for Worry-Free Interactions

August/September 2020

IntePro and Coroplast Office Partitions provide a solution for those who work in open offices, schools, lobbies or other areas that require in-person communication. The patent-pending structure is made of sturdy, clear polypropylene sheets. The lightweight and durable partitions are easy to clean, cost efficient and offer a hassle-free assembly. They are available in SuperClear or Natural, which allows for visibility and uninterrupted audible exchange.

“Since the COVID-19 outbreak has raised great concerns over the spread of the disease at work, we would love to give all employees peace of mind to work without worry by offering this lightweight separator in such a manner that it can prevent airborne microbes,” said Profile Marketing Director Karen Dicang.

These sturdy panels can be easily and quickly assembled when needed, enabling the users to flexibly re-design their spaces to meet changing requirements or circumstances. In addition, these dividers not only lessen visual distractions, they can also help to quell sound, keeping noise levels down to further enhance users’ ability to concentrate. Office Partitions’ features and benefits include:

•    Ideal for short-term use
•    High visibility and light transmission
•    Quick to set up and remove
•    Compact for storage and transport
•    Cost efficient
•    Reusable, waterproof and easy to clean
•    Lightweight and durable


Not only will employees, students or clients see and hear those they are interacting with – they can do so with a barrier between them and airborne particles. This will be especially effective if one or more of the parties is not wearing a mask or is asymptomatic but possibly infected.