Primex Develops Plastic Divider System for Golf Carts

August/September 2020

To help keep golfers on the course while still practicing social distancing, Primex Plastics Corporation has created the PrimexProtect Eagle and Birdie lines of golf cart dividers (patent pending). The dividers are easily installed plastic shielding systems for golf carts, allowing them to be shared by two golfers.

The Eagle system extends from the seat back to the dash, while the Birdie version runs from the seat back to the front edge of the seat. Both systems are made from clear vinyl sheet that can be attached without the need for drilling or tools, and roll up out of the way when not needed. The dividers are constructed with hook and loop fasteners for attachment to the cart roof, and galvanized wire weighting at the bottom. They can be disinfected with mild soap and water or most cleaning agents.

Since early March, Primex has been producing its line of PrimexProtect products to ensure safety for first responders, medical personnel, other employees and customers. With the Eagle and Birdie dividers, the product line keeps expanding and now includes face shields, social distancing barriers and medical waste containers, as well as social distancing signage and ear protection.