Professional Plastics Ramps Up Production of Protective Gear

April/May 2020

In order to help combat the spread of COVID-19, Professional Plastics has developed a plastic barrier and plastic face shield for use in hospitals, grocery stores, pharmacies and all other essential businesses. The transparent barrier protects employees and the customers they serve from splash and airborne particles in the retail setting. The face shields are designed to meet the growing demand for protective gear while protecting health care workers who are treating patients.

“Our machining and fabrication teams have been working diligently to design these protective items and get them distributed where needed most,” said Mark Casey, executive vice president of Professional Plastic North America. “We understand the severity of the situation and overwhelming need for protective gear for hospital staff, pharmacies and cashiers at grocery checkout lines. These barriers will not only help to protect them but also the individuals they serve. In order to help medical staff on the front line, Professional Plastics is donating 1,000 masks to local hospitals that are most in need.”

The barriers can be easily assembled on premise in less than two minutes and the size can be adjusted to meet the needs and specifications of the work area. They are made from clear plastic sheet with aluminum channel on the edges. The face shields are made from thin gauge polycarbonate, Mylar and PETG polymers. They are either disposable or can be easily cleaned for multi-usage. Both products are being manufactured at nine Professional Plastics locations across the United States.