Protective Solutions from Palram Americas, Inc.

April/May 2020

Temporary partitions and germ-resistant material have never been in higher demand. Architects, contractors and facility managers are now racing to create customized solutions for cladding and divider systems that will help reduce the rapid spread of COVID-19 and other pathogens. Palram’s easy-to-install, bacteria-resistant PVC panels are often used to create protective barriers and full wall cladding systems for both temporary and long-term applications.

All around the world, architects, contractors and facility managers are working around the clock to create innovative solutions for interior barrier and cladding systems for use in healthcare facilities, pop-up hospitals, retail and food service areas, as well as other public environments. Palram’s PVC products such as DURACLAD® and WALLTUF® wall cladding panels, along with PALCLAD® PRO HYG, an active antimicrobial wall cladding system, are suitable for these types of challenges, featuring: excellent resistance to bacteria, germs, water and chemicals; lightweight and simple to install; easy to clean and disinfect; high fire resistance; and an attractive, sleek finish.

PALCLAD PRO HYG,  is an active antimicrobial cladding system that kills or inhibits the growth of a wide variety of pathogens on contact. In clinical trials, PALCLAD PRO HYG destroyed 99.99 percent of bacteria and molds exposed to it over a 24-hour period