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The IAPD Buyers’ Guide is designed to help distributors and fabricators source plastic materials to meet their customers’ specific requirements and quickly locate resin and semi-finished manufacturers’ and equipment service providers’ company information. It also contains a quick reference glossary to the trade name products of IAPD member companies. Through these online forms, you are able to search various ways to find the information you need.

Find an IAPD Member

Use this handy directory to find a plastics distributor and learn more about the materials IAPD members offer. Here's how:
  • If you are looking for plastics materials, an IAPD Distributor member can help! Distributors will work with you to identify the right material for your needs. Just select "Distributor" under "Member Type," then add geographical information, such as State/Province and Country. Click on the "Find" button to see your results.
  • If you need specific technical information about a particular material, select "Manufacturer" under "Member Type" and the appropriate checkbox under "Product Category." Click on the "Find" button to see your results.
  • If you need Fabrication services, select "Fabricator" under "Member Type" and your geographic information, as well as checking the "Fabrication" check box under "Product Category." Click on the "Find" button to see your results.
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It's Good Business to Do Business with an IAPD Member

IAPD members are dedicated to providing the right materials for your needs. Think distribution first when looking for plastics to fit your needs. IAPD distributor members are here to help you succeed thanks to the power of plastics.

All IAPD members have agreed to the official IAPD Code of Ethics, ensuring that their customers receive the best possible product and service. That's why we say that it's good business to do business with an IAPD Member.

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