How to Find and Qualify a Recycler

Recycling not only reduces the amount of material that ends up in landfills but also can add to the bottom line, via increased revenue and reduced disposal costs.

The Environmental Committee has developed the following guidelines for IAPD member companies to assist them in selecting a credible recycling company.

Three key questions to ask potential recyclers:
  • What do they intend to do with your plastic scrap? Find out if they would:
    • Convert it/reprocess it into resin and return it to you for reuse internally.
    • Convert it/reprocess it into resin for their use.
    • Convert it/reprocess it into resin for sale to end-users.
    • Bale it for sale to other recyclers (domestic and/or off-shore).
    • Convert it into energy (cement kilns, etc.).
    • Landfill what they cannot recycle.
  • Will they provide the documentation on the disposition of your scrap? Recycler, sold in bulk and landfilled.
  • Will they certify that none of your scrap has been landfilled?
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