IAPD Sustainability Spotlight

Mitsubishi Chemical Group - Engineered Shapes & Solutions’ TIVAR© ECO is a recycled UHMW that offers a favorable price-performance ratio that is good for the environment and your bottom line. Supported by a robust buy-back program, we convert hard scrap from our customers into high-quality finished plates. TIVAR© ECO currently keeps 4,000 US Tons (8.8 million lbs) of drops, skeleton sheets from fabrication, and UHMW scrap out of landfills annually and is manufactured with renewable energy. TIVAR© ECO brings a sustainable solution to many industries using UHMW, including bulk material and parcel handling, construction and heavy equipment, agriculture, dock fendering, transportation, and recreation.


Arkema’s flagship Rilsan® PA11 and Pebax® Rnew® elastomers are Advanced Bio-Circular (ABC) materials. They’re not "just" bio-based materials.  They are truly [A]dvanced polymers that are derived from a sustainably farmed [B]io-based feedstock (castor seed oil) and are fully recyclable/[C]ircular. Rilsan® and Pebax® Rnew® polymer properties include lightweight, flexibility, durability, energy return, and overall toughness. They represent two families of highly differentiated advanced materials with a wide portfolio of options, including grades that are tailored for higher temperatures, transparency, and even functional characteristics like breathable and antistatic properties. 

Arkema: Innovative materials for a sustainable world.

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