"There is definitely a value in completing the IAPD Performance Plastics Level I certificate exam. The balance between theory and practice is the right recipe to succeed in any industry. The exam takes good care of the theory part in the supplemental training manual."

— Felipe Freire, Piedmont Plastics

Performance Plastics Training

Performance Plastics Level I

Developed by the IAPD Education Committee, the IAPD Performance Plastics Certificate Level I exam is based on a broad understanding of the performance plastics industry. It is the best way to secure a solid foundation of performance plastics knowledge.

Whether you're new to the industry or a seasoned pro, the IAPD Performance Plastics Certificate Program educates professionals in the plastics distribution industry by testing the basics of performance plastics including physical properties, processes and materials.

Performance Plastics Level I

Performance Plastics Level II

The IAPD Performance Plastics Certificate Level II exam is an advanced program that puts all of the information gained in Level I to practical use with applications from a variety of markets. Level II challenges your technical knowledge, research skills and business acumen by evaluating your ability to help customers find real solutions.

Performance Plastics Level II

Pipe, Valves and Fittings (PVF)

The main objectives of the PVF Certificate Exam are to introduce the basic principles of industrial and commercial piping systems and describe how plastic materials of construction affect the applications and design of such systems. Industry newcomers and experienced personnel will benefit from the specific discussion of plastic materials, features and benefits of such materials as well as limitations and misapplications of such materials.

Pipe, Valves and Fittings

Sales Training

Excellence in Sales: Level I Inside Sales and Level I Outside Sales

Excellence in Sales Level I, the first tier of the program, addresses separately the unique roles of inside and outside sales professionals. Each course consists of an individual study guide and multiple-choice exam that you will refer to again and again. The Excellence in Sales Level I: Inside and Outside Sales exams are to be purchased separately based on the salesperson’s role within their company.

Excellence in Sales Level I

Excellence in Sales: Level II

This intermediate course is about correctly defining problems and devising effective solutions for them, using all of the resources of your company. To some extent, it is about what you do every day as you call on customers, help them solve their problems and help achieve the objectives of your company. Solving seven industry-based scenarios requires a thoughtful approach to a complete solution presented in the proper chronology.

Excellence in Sales Level II

"Coming into a new industry can be a lot of information to take in. Having a way to learn and test yourself is a huge benefit. The Inside sales & performance plastics certifications helped me fine tune those skills and provided me with a baseline of working knowledge for plastics. The combination of both certifications assisted in laying the groundwork to help me be successful in the performance plastics industry."

—Kelly Baker, Polymershapes