e-Training Webinars: Speaker Guidelines

All members are invited to submit a presentation proposal for an IAPD e-training webinar.

Proposals must contain:
  • Topic
  • Short description
  • Audience take-aways
  • Target audience
  • Speaker name and short biography, including past speaking experience

Submit Your Proposal

Presentations must meet the following IAPD Editorial Guidelines:

  • Submitted presentations must look and read professionally, and are subject to proofing and copy editing by IAPD staff. All presentations are subject to IAPD final approval. If the content of the material is changed substantially, the presentation will be presented back to the author for final review.
  • Presentations must be factual in content and all copyright permissions must be in place before submitting.
  • Speakers who submit presentations give IAPD the right to publish their presentation and its content in other IAPD and its partners’ venues, including but not limited to the IAPD website and YouTube channel.
  • Presentation content must be informative and educational — not merely a commercialized article promoting a company or its products and services. This guideline includes company-specific training. All web seminars promoted by IAPD must be educational and not a sales promotion.
  • Presentations cannot mention trade names or prices, but trade names may appear as captions to photos within the presentations. Plastic materials mentioned in presentations must be noted as generic plastic family names.
  • All presentations will be 30 to 60 minutes long, including a short period for a live question and answer session.

The solicitation, selection and review process is transparent; and proposals are welcome from all members. The priority and selection of webinars will be based upon the topics and content that is most relevant to the target audiences.